Robin Austin

If only small communities mattered as much to the Canada Goose sale Campbell Liberal government as banks and big oil. This year’s budget has been presented, and it has plenty of goodies canada cheap canada goose goose clearance for the richest corporations in the province, but nothing to help the northwest.

This budget gives canada goose factory outlet banks $220 million and big oil companies $387 million, but it still Canada Goose Parka doesn’t give School District 82 the less than $2 million it needs to give our kids a five day school week. As far as I am concerned, this is an absolute travesty, and a canada goose outlet black friday betrayal not only of the canada goose outlet uk sale taxpayers of canada goose outlet store uk British Columbia but of the children of the northwest.

This sad fact has been lost canada goose uk shop canada goose outlet new york city in the green haze that surrounds the Campbell Liberal government like a canada goose black friday sale smoggy halo. We’ve been so bombarded by propaganda canada goose clearance sale about the gas tax it canada goose outlet shop would be easy to canada goose outlet toronto factory miss the all the dirty little details hidden in this brown budget. It is pretty galling that we’re being sold a gas tax as some sort of environmental revolution, while up here, in our own backyard, tax dollars are being used to subsidize plans to destroy the Skeena watershed with coal bed methane extraction. It hardly seems green to pay billion dollar companies to exploit oil and gas resources, does it?

Meanwhile, https://www.outletmoncler.de those of us who live in the northwest will be paying more, not just at the pumps, but at the grocery store and on our heating bills. Perhaps this would be acceptable to us if these charges served some purpose other than greenwashing the government. As it is however, the numerous canada goose outlet online uk things that are excluded from the tax coal being exported to China canada goose combined with the large subsidies being given to oil and gas companies make it painfully obvious to all but the most willfully ignorant canada goose outlet canada that we here in the north are the cheap canada goose ones paying to paint this brown budget green.

If the government was truly committed to going green they would use the $607 million dollars they are giving to banks and oil companies to expand the capacity of our communities to feed themselves, and to help towns like Terrace, modernize their waste management practices.

There is no end to the positive things that rural communities could accomplish with canada goose jacket outlet $607 million dollars. Unfortunately we could use every cent of that giveaway, and more.

Considering that banks can afford to give their CEOs several million dollars Canada Goose online in bonuses every year, on top of their already inflated pay, canada goose outlet parka it is hard to believe that these corporations are more deserving of government aid than the school children of Terrace. This government has its priorities wrong.

Do the Liberals really think that coal burnt in China won’t pollute the atmosphere?

The truth is they really don’t care about the environment, just like they don’t give a hot damn about kids in the northwest being on a four day school week. The only thing that matters to the Liberals is getting and keeping power.