The study was never by SCAG.Overall, SCAG Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) notes that the 710, San Gabriel River (605), Pomona (60) and Riverside (91) freeways carry the highest volumes of truck traffic in the region. Each averaged over 25,000 trucks per day in 2008.The 5, 10, 15 and 210 freeways averaged 20,000 daily truck trips, according to SCAG.A regional planning organization with representatives from 191 cities in six counties, SCAG website says its mission is to realize plans that improve the quality of life for Southern Californians. RTP is updated every four years with an eye toward forecasting based on economic trends.An executive summary of the plan most recent draft, released in June, notes that freeway congestion is the key problem facing Southern California commuters.

There was a dark side to all the fun, however. The misguided Volstead Act (Prohibition) forbidding all sales, possession, and manufacture of alcoholic beverages (except for purposes with a doctor prescription) brought with it a level of criminal activity never seen in this country. The ethnic street gangs in the largest cities suddenly had a huge revenue stream enabling them to gain power (politically through payoffs and physically through violence) they would never have achieved if not for Prohibition.

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Kalamazoo made their first visit to the Memorial Coliseum on Thanksgiving in 1983 when they celebrated with a 3 2 win. The Komets evened the holiday series 1 1 0 with a 4 3 win in 2012. The Komets are 1 2 0 over the last three Thanksgiving games and 6 2 0 in the last eight.

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