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Spotted by a Star Ledger photographer flying over Island Beach State Park Sunday not long before he would tell reporters at a Trenton news conference that he « didn’t get any sun today » Christie is drawing fierce backlash and worldwide media attention. Yet another online meme, evoking the Bridgegate scandal, showed New Jersey’s First Couple, in their beach chairs, in the middle of a bridge. The hashtag beachgate emerged..

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Biometrics is the new technology that assures a firm or an educational institution to be very assured of who is actually present in the premises. The biometric works on the principle that every person has different and unique fingerprints and no two fingerprints match with each other. This may be in a professional environment or it may be through the arts and entertainment.

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Take a left at Kipu Road if you see the Kauai Humane Society on your right, you’ve gone too far and drive until you hit the Kipu Road Bridge. Make a left onto the unmarked dirt road that’s right before the bridge. Drive on this path until you arrive at a gate.