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I look at something from Breville for sure. They have a bunch of machines that fill the gap from Rocket to Cheap Swimsuits Jura, for example. I don recommend super automatic machines like Jura because most people want to experiment more as they become more interested in coffee; super automatics can do that.

I used that word because of the complexities and subtle nuances that I derived from the situation in it entirety. This is a yugioh board and the claim that was made was so outlandish, the fact that they fabricated it so well and sounded so stupid I can imagine them typing it with a straight face. Also I published my statement from a irl perspective, as if it was said in front of me.

I understand spinning and stationary bikes are fine for exercise, but why in all the cold fucking hells would she not be out on her brand new bike packing miles and miles and miles into her legs. She makes absolutely zero sense. She in a place and climate that is extremely bike friendly, she doesn have a regular full time job, and she has an Ironman coming up in 6 months.

That true that there a difference between what he liked versus what I was into but also I someone who has a life completely separate from my social media interactions and while some people completely integrate their lives with it, there a significant chunk of our lives that is completely disassociated from social media. So I wouldn want to be judged by the part of me that is on social media. I not saying don be skeptical, but we not just being skeptical, we becoming judge jury and executioner..

This post by LGT is rather unprofessional. I didn follow the event but Bathing Suits apparently that is par for the course with them.Edit: Unprofessional in some of the language they use in the post, the fact that they still got the rules wrong even when using said rule to accuse him of cheating, and I would argue that banning him for the listed issues is excessive. Give him a warning and if it happens again then you have established a pattern of behavior and can move from things that are arguably honest mistakes to proving intent and therefore deliberate cheating.

Yeah. Like for whatever reason, he hasn come back. That the end. It wasn’t always like that because there was never one spot where everyone dropped. The people who now drop Tilted used to be split out almost evenly amongst Pleasant and Retail, and to a lesser extent Fatal. A bunch of people would die early, but you’d still be more likely to have action in the mid game because there would still be more people spread around to other areas of the map instead of having more than half the lobby coming from one location.

Not just his 20% shooting, but his fouls and the time he fouls while Cavs have momentum is hard to watch. As a Celtics fan, I enjoyed it, but he gotta control himself. Same with Smart. What do y think? What do you hope or expect your SO to do to make you feel special? (Not counting special occasions or emergencies.)My ldr is turning to shit. I live in va and he lives in ny. We been arguing a lot recently and the night before last, I had to cut a text conversation short because he wasn being logical.